About AIMS

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is Africa’s first network of centres of excellence in mathematical sciences.


About AIMS

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences is a pan-African Network of Centres of Excellence that offers high quality post graduate training, innovative research, and wide ranging public engagement and outreach programmes that focus on harnessing mathematics, science and technology to drive the transformation of Africa. AIMS brings together Africa’s most brilliant young talent in a highly interactive, culturally diverse, intensive learning environment where discovery, creativity and the development of solutions to development challenges are put centre stage.

Established in 2003, AIMS has now built a network of 6 centres of excellence across Africa and in June 2016 graduated its 1000th student. Those postgraduate students have come from 42 African countries and 31% have been women. AIMS has also appointed Research Chairs at its Centres in South Africa, Sénégal and Ghana, and the process of establishing these in Cameroon, Tanzania and Rwanda is in progress.  The Centres in South Africa and Cameroon are leading high-impact teacher training programmes in their respective countries and AIMS Sénégal is piloting a co-operative programme successfully linking academia to industry.

AIMS is built round partnerships. Each Centre is a partnership between its host government and the AIMS Network and is establishing strong links with other educational and research institutions in its region to create an ecosystem devoted to building the skills needed to drive development. It does this with international partners, which include world-leading universities who provide top experts to deliver training at AIMS and collaborate on innovative research and development projects.

Further information about the AIMS Network can be found from the AIMS NEI website.



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“We are pleased to bring the  AIMS model to Tanzania. We bring together top global scholars in math and science to teach and research with Africa’s brightest students”. Our graduates then use these skills to tackle African development issues ranging from disease prevention to environmental degradation, education and poverty.

AIMS graduates have a broad-based training and are talented problem solvers and innovators, which is just what this continent needs.”

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